What is TransitMadCity?

It's commentary by an enthusiast and student of transit, cities, and politics, focused on (but not limited to) the convergence of the three in Madison, Wisconsin.  There, as elsewhere, transportation issues often find both passions and interests running high.  This is one observer's attempt to sort out the silly from the sane as the local debate over transit heats up.  It may even become, over time, a community meeting space for those who share similar passions and interests.  For now, though, it's mainly a way for one passionate transit advocate to vent.

Who is the "TransitMadCitizen"?

The TransitMadCitizen  has been a close observer of, and occasional participant in, Madison's transportation debates for several years, and even dabbled in citizen organizing on the issue.  To some who follow these discussions closely, the TransitMadCitizen's identity may not be any great mystery, nor is it really meant to be.  But for the time being, maintaining at least the pretense of anonymity is part of the fun.

Will your comments be published? 

The TransitMadCitizen is interested in hearing from anyone who intelligently agrees, disagrees, or wishes to build on postings to this blog, and will publish any comments that, in the TMC's sole and subjective judgment, meet those criteria. Anyone who has a problem with comments being moderated in this way can, of course, get his or her own blog.

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